5 Things to do After Being Diagnosed with Type II Diabetes

Being diagnosed with type II diabetes can be very unsettling for most individuals. The news of this medical condition takes a toll on the mind and the body of a diabetic. A lot of people feel anxious and fearful about the instantaneous changes that have to be made in their lives to cope with the effects of diabetes. Becoming stressful or slipping into depression is not a good option during such a time.

If you have recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes, you need to gather your wits, composure and determination to overcome the new hurdles of life thrown in front of you. A lot needs to be done in a very short amount of time. Here are the 5 things that you need to focus on in particular:

1) Avoid a Crash Diet

Just because you have been diagnosed with type II diabetes does not mean that you have to give up on your favourite sugary treats and carbohydrate rich meals altogether. Moderation and consistency are what you should be aiming for from the get go. If you go on a crash diet, your body will have a tough time dealing with the sudden changes. Managing diabetes will become even tougher under the circumstances.

2) Do Not Panic

If you start to panic, then the challenge of coping with type II diabetes will become even tougher. You need to clear your mind from anxiety and negativity. Do not be horrified or confused by the technical medical terms that you will have to become acquainted to during your diabetes treatment.

3) Be Flexible with Treatment Options

Choosing a particular treatment option is like choosing a strategy that you are banking on to save your body and improve your health. Hence, it is important that you make room for a certain degree of flexibility with your treatment options. You may feel that oral medication or insulin is not the right method of treatment for you. However, you cannot completely rule this treatment out in order to blindly rely on another treatment method. Do whatever it takes to lower your blood sugar level.

4) Forget the Past

Do not beat yourself up about all the poor dietary or lifestyle choices that you have made in the past which may or may not have lead to you becoming a diabetic. Lamenting your past decisions will not help you overcome the challenges of type II diabetes. You need to live in the present and think about what lies ahead in the future. Move on and learn to live with your diabetes.

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5 Simple Ways to Control Your Blood Sugar Level

Controlling the blood sugar level in the body is perhaps the biggest challenge in the life of a diabetic. It is a struggle that every patient suffering from Type II diabetes must endure in order to ensure the wellbeing of his or her health. Every person more or less has an affinity towards sweet, delicious and delectable treats. As a diabetic, it becomes extremely difficult to prevent yourself from indulging in your favourite desserts. If plucking out the figurative sweet tooth was not bad enough, you have to limit your consumption of carbohydrates as well.

Ignoring the fluctuations in your blood sugar level as a diabetic is not an option. A lot of diabetics tend to not keep their blood sugar level in check simply because of how troublesome the routine is. These people fail to realize that the task of controlling blood sugar level can be made much easier. Here are five simple ways in which you can regulate the amount of sugar in your blood:

1) Engage in Light Exercise

Regardless of your age, light session of physical movement can almost always be beneficial to your health and your fitness. In the case of diabetics, light exercise can lower blood sugar level in a matter of minutes. Make the time for a brisk walk or a bicycle ride every single day or every other day.

2) Drinking Unsweetened Tea

Diabetics have come to hate the word “beverage” as most drinks tend to increase the blood sugar level drastically. Instead of being tempted towards grabbing a sugary, unhealthy and carbonated soft drink, you should concentrate on making yourself a wonderful cup of unsweetened tea every day. Unsweetened black, white and green tea are all known to lower blood sugar level in a very short period of time.

3) Take Cinnamon Pills

Some supplements come in handy when trying to control blood sugar. Among them, cinnamon pills are known to be the most effective. Unless you are a woman who is going through her post menopause phase, cinnamon pills will help you curb down your body’s sugar content.
4) Have Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar may not sound like the most appetizing thing in the world, but it certainly is great for pre-diabetics and Type II diabetics. You can either drink a couple of tablespoons of it or have the extract. It is more of a preventive measure than a reactive one.

5) Reduce Stress

Studies suggest that stressful situations lead to the release of hormones that increases the blood sugar level. The more stressful you are, the less healthy you will be. Scale back on stress and take your time to relax. This is a great long term measure to keep your blood sugar level in control.

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3 Bedtime Snacks Diabetics Should Avoid

Munching on bedtime snacks can become a habit for many people. Even when afflicted with diabetes, people have a difficult time letting go of their unhealthy midnight eating routine. There are some diabetics who will tell you that they are incapable of falling asleep in bed without having a taste of their favourite snacks.

The dietary liberty of a diabetic is restricted in numerous ways. As a diabetic, you cannot go around eating whatever you want, especially during the late hours of the night. Diabetics must be ultra cautious about what they consume just before hitting the bed for a good night’s sleep. If they are not careful about their late night eating habits, they might wind up with more health complications that they can handle.

If you do not want to be a critically ill diabetic patient, then simply avoid the following three bedtime snacks.

1) Fat-Free Naturally Flavoured Yogurt

Just because the label of the food says fat free, it does not mean that the food is healthy. This is particularly true for people suffering from diabetes. Fat free flavoured yogurt seems like the perfect bedtime treat that will mellow you down before a night of good sleep. However, you must avoid them at all cost. They may not contain fat, but they are loaded with sugar (approximately 15 gm in 6oz) which is a little too much for a diabetic to consume before falling asleep. Even the ones that are naturally flavoured with fruit are not healthy for you.

2) Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is the kind of light snack that keeps your taste buds busy when you are watching late night movies that will eventually put you to sleep. Given their size and natural ingredients, they seem relatively harmless. However, diabetics need to avoid them as much as possible, especially during the night. The dehydration process that is used to manufacture this particular snack item leads to the fruit’s natural sugars to become concentrated.

Snacking on raisins or dried apricot is not worse than having a glass of sweetened milk with cookie. However, the consumption of dried fruit will spike up your blood’s sugar level. If you really want fruit before you sleep, go for fresh options such as strawberries, cantaloupe or grapefruit.

3) Frozen Meals

By the time it is midnight, people become a little too tired and sleepy to conjure a quick, light and fresh bite in the kitchen. This is why frozen meals become the perfect choice for a bedtime snack. They require minimal effort to be prepared and are always readily available. However, the high fat, sodium and carbohydrate content make pot pies and other frozen treats an unhealthy option for diabetics.

Diabetes 60 System Makes Your Struggle Easier

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3 “Healthy Foods” That Spike Your Blood Sugar

When you become a patient of type II diabetes, it is important for you to become a semi-expert on food. Your knowledge of food must be better than that of the common man. This is essential because the more you know about foods and their effects, the better you will be equipped to abstain from food which is not good for you.

There are plenty of foods in the world that look perfectly harmless and completely healthy, but are very harmful for diabetics. Foods that are generally considered to be healthy or are perceived to be healthy by common people can sometimes be the root cause of drastic increases in the blood sugar level of diabetics.

To make sure that you do not end up making the same mistake as millions of other diabetics in the world, here are three “healthy foods” that you need to avoid on a daily basis.

1) White Rice

White rice looks so pure, naive and innocent that no one could ever believe that this beautiful grainy food can put diabetics in a world of difficulty. People with type II diabetes are better off without any consumption of white rice. According to studies conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, people who consume five or more servings of white rice in a week have increased risk of developing type II diabetes. The better alternative is brown rice which can actually lower your sugar level by 16 percent. Brown rice has much more fiber than white rice. The presence of fiber ensures that blood sugar levels remain stable.

2) Bottled Salad Dressing

Anything with the word salad in it does not necessarily have to be healthy. Bottled salad dressings are the perfect example of this. Most bottled dressings are jam packed with calories coming from added sugars, colouring agents, flavour enhancers and other additives. Instead of buying deceptively unhealthy salad dressings, you can easily make one at home by combining simple vinaigrettes.

3) Whole Milk

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of saturated fat? Your answer probably contains the words butter and red meat. However, these are not the only kinds of saturated fat that you consume on a regular basis. Whole milk and whole milk dairy products are packed with saturated fats. The results of many studies have suggested that an increase in the consumption of whole milk and whole milk dairy products enhances insulin resistance in the body due to increased intake of saturated fat. Whole milk can be easily replaced by no fat milk or 1 percent milk.

Diabetes 60 System Tells You What to Eat

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